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Welcome To The PYP
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Website of the Week

Each week, one lucky Prat can feature a website of their choice to share with the visitors of the Prat's humble internet abode.
This week, it's Miss Crazy Prat who is fortunate enough to have this honour. Over to you, Crazy!
Crazy's Website of the Week is:


*** Ring Bearer ***

"My featured site is The site contains lots of useful information in regards to Lord Of The Rings, both the movies and the books. It has the latest news, as well as actor bios.
But what I really like about Ring Bearer is the funny things you can find there. The site contains FanFictions, songs and verses from the trilogy of books, as well as some funny "top ten" lists.
Ring Bearer is also extremely interactive, with message boards, a live chat and quizzes."
Site Rating: Crazy Prat gives Ring Bearer 9 out of 10.

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