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A Pratty Sort Of Sorting Song

It all began with Magic

As most good clubs do

With Ciaralein and Katielein

Being numbers One and Two

Three and Four soon came along

Not far behind the 'Leins'

And so the PYP began

And stood the test of Time


It was felt among the founding four

"We each are very different"

And so our names must single out

Our very definition

So we put our heads together

Since we didnt have a hat

And thought a little on the matter

And came up with the Prats


Now first we named our Katie

She became the Nutty one

And anyone who knows her

Wont ask for the rea-son

And then there was our Ciara,

The blue eyed Irish flame

She became the Flirty one

And lived up to the name


Followed next, was our Jasper

Number three so can tell

She became our Smarty Prat

And she does it very well

Now then there was our youngest

The mad one named Michele

We decided Wacky

Would suit our English Bele


A few Weeks on, The PYP

Welcomed, yet more prats

Timothy and Nicky

Completed numbers Five and Six

Numbers eight and seven

Were added recently

Fallen Angel Jules and our sweet Kandi

And then began the process

Of naming these four more

So this is what we came to

  But we're not keeping score


     Nicky is the Sleepy one

     For she is always tired

     Timmy is our Shadow

     Cause hes the only boy

     Kandi is the Crazy one

     Though I do not know why

     And Jules weve named her Nawty

     Cause guess whats on her mind?


Sarah is our Sweety

Pure and good at Heart

Meg she makes us Dizzy

So that will be her part

Now Blackstone makes us laugh

So she's the Witty one

Now left to fill is one more place

So lets see who'll win the race


     So here we are, The PYP

Its a Pratty infestation

To call the World to Order

We feel is our main obligation

So here it is, our little site

The  world we've called to order

So come on in, if you dare

To match the prats stare for stare


So now our group has grown in number

And so in our rules must encumber

Have fun and laugh

Send us your Owls

No Swearing or Bad Language allowed

Use your wit, we'll heed your word

For the quill is mightier than the sword


Now one last thought

Well leave you with


Inside you find the founding four

And if youre lucky a quartet more

Nutty, Flirty, Smarty and Wacky

Sleepy, Shadow, Crazy and Nawty

We'll talk, we'll chat, we'll be your friends

So read on, with one last verse this song will end


Now of the group the founding four

Will be the ones to set the score

But remember if you please

All prats can tell you when to leave

I say again if the last you missed

Please look again at our Prat list

All of us will have the right

To tell you when to leave the site



Flirty Prat


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